Link Building Strategies


There is no doubt that link building is one of the most important factors for the search engine optimisation of your website because links to a web page from outside sources are a big signal of the quality of your content to the search engines.

Whether you are starting from scratch or kicking off a campaign to enhance the existing strategy in place, links into your website remain a critical method of online marketing.

There are many tactics out there employed to build links and getting the correct strategy is paramount to your overall achievements. Many tactics have been overused, abused and even penalised and now many webmasters are having to undo damage caused by techniques used previously by others or even themselves.

For instance recently Google changed their algorithms to not only ignore certain links to your website but actually penalise you for them. We call these links 'unnatural' and may have been created through low weighted links in density like link farming by automated software that even companies used to speed up submission and generate large quantities of links.

Opal Logic Media are 100% UK based, use no automation services and can guarantee quality weighted links of real value. We have provided a number of link building strategies from start-up to fine tuning and enhancing larger existing link building strategies

If you are confused about the number of people offering link building strategies on the internet and are concerned that a lot of these people might be employing out-dated techniques that can even have detrimental affects to your website then please contact us as we can provide real success stories and put you in direct contact with our Customers proving that we are the right choice for your online marketing strategic partner.