Social Media Marketing


Why Embrace Social Media?

Facebook has around 600 million users, Twitter has roughly 200 million and YouTube has become the second largest search engine. Social media is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored.

Millions of people are using social media to communicate with friends and colleagues; to recommend products to each other; to ask questions, research services and more. By embracing social media, businesses can open themselves up to a world of new opportunities and potential customers.

The successful use of social media requires a careful blend of marketing disciplines, ranging from technical ability, creativity and analysis, right through to PR. Opal Logic Media can provide all these skills combined with experience and that’s what makes us a winning combination for social media. We base our success on four principles:

Four Principles Of Successful Social Media


A brand used to be what a company told you it was, but times have changed and now it’s about what everyone else says it is – this includes employees, customers, prospects, competitors and the rest of the world. Businesses now need to see how they’re perceived and they need the power to change it. Social media can provide both.


Listening is a starting point, but engaging is where your business will start to see the real benefits of social media. By involving your business in some of the many conversations going on out there around your industry the possibilities are endless. You can extend your reach, gain recommendations and increase sales, to name but a few.


Now that your business is actively participating in the social landscape, it’s crucial that you harness the power of conversation to add value to your offering. Using social commerce, you can drive sales by giving your customers the power to review products, answer other customers’ queries and recommend you to their friends. Content written by customers for customers is better than anything that a marketing expert could produce.


Social media engagement is invaluable when it comes to customer service. Potential and existing customers see responsiveness from companies and those companies earn their trust. People accept that no business is perfect. All they ask is that you’re alert and attentive. With social media, possible customer service issues can be highlighted and addressed immediately, leaving you with happy customers, which in turn means repeat custom and plenty of recommendations.