why opal logic?

bespoke professionalism

eCommerce Platform

Opal Logic eCommerce sites are designed using the best technology for the job, with a high-performance platform creating a customer experience that is fast and effective. We also provide you with the means to control certain elements of the site using the latest version of DotNetPanel. This, plus Opal Logic’s on-going support, is designed to ensure that you continue to reap the rewards of your effective, evolving eCommerce platform.


OpalCore Content Management

OpalCore is the content management system which Opal Logic has developed in house. OpalCore processes orders, manages delivery costs and regions, sets-up users, you can look at abandoned cart info, promote your special offers and be in complete, effective control of your on-line strategy.

OpalCore is a self-developed program that enables clients to make content changes to their site. These changes are in pre-defined areas of the site and can be from any PC with an Internet connection.

For example your News, Special Offers, Events, New Products or any other section that require regular changes, are all easily changed by you or your staff. This is normally achieved by having all the content within a database, but this compromises the design, not to mention the Search Engines cannot look inside a database. OpalCore uniquely ensures the design looks stunning and the content is indexed by Search Engines. A new Press Release can be “live on the web” within literally 1 minute of it being written!

Our content management system makes the site extremely manageable, is very easy to use and provides you with control and cost savings every time changes need to be made or the site updated.